MKR1000 Board Unable to Connect

My MKR1000 doesn't seem to be connecting to the computer in any way. I have installed the create agent plugin and it is in operation (not greyed out or paused). I've tried on 2 different computers and with two different micro USB cables, but nothing seems to work. I've attached a picture of this screen!

I'm a bit new to Arduino everything and I need this to work for a school project. Someone please help with this situation as soon as possible! Thank you:)

same issue here. on MacBook Air late 2018. Mac OS Catalina. Arduino plugin installed (1.1.101-318de37).

I get the same exact blocking issue. Microsoft Surface Book 2 windows 10. Did you guys find a solution since your posts? I am out of ideas, it is working fine with a arduino uno on the same configuration.

Does this only work with genuine Arduino board I have tried 2 different chinese models no joy so I think you may need a real one from Arduino