MKR1000 ¿can it source with 3v or 3v3 in VCC pin?

Looking a idea for minimal consuption with MKR1000 board if are possible input 3v in VCC ouput for alternative to source it.

We looking for minimalist source with a D NiMh battery 1.2V that charging direct with a solar cell 2v. the concept work fine in MKR1200.

From type D NiMh 1.2v Battery we Step-Up witht a low quiescent chinesse regulator to 3v or 3v3,( typically 95% efficiency and 13uA quiescent current), and the question its if can imput this 3v or 3V3 in VCC for reduce step-down consuption and give better power efficency.

Probably the tecnical question can reduce if can put external input 3v or 3v3 in VRout ouput regulator DIODES AP7215 33 when AP7215 arent source in VIN

sorry if question are not convenient.