MKR1000 can not connect to IoT cloud - error 404

At the first time I normally connected a new MKR1000 to Arduino IoT cloud. But afther that I can not connect anymore and I get message:


I upgrade firmware to 19.6.1. and there is the same issue.

I noticed that server (in the 3rd step) check NINA firmware, but why if MKR1000 has MR510PB (NINA is for other boards)?

There is no solution to this problem on this forum (nor does google know).

I have 36 MKR1000 boards (school project), so Arduino please solve this :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am having the same issue it seems to be trying to reach out to a file that doesn't exist and may be a regression based on some year-old GH issues

Hello, thanks for reporting this issue!

We fixed the bug and now it should work again: can you check it and tell us if it works for you?

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Yes, it's work now! Thank You very much!


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Also resolved for me thanks!!

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Thanks to all of you for reporting back your test results. If you reencounter this or similar issues, please update this thread.

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