MKR1000 detection problem

I have received today a MKR1000 and it is not detected by OS Windows 7. Can anybody suggest me any way to resolve the problem? I have been looking for information in the forum but I didn't found any topic in reference to this problem.


You didn't mention which version of the IDE you're using.

Have you searched the forums for the answer? I seem to remember reading that the latest versions of the Arduino SAMD Boards in "Boards Manager" do not include the MKR1000, and that you need to install an earlier version.

I can't remember which version(s) cause the problem, and which version(s) work, but as mentioned, a search of the forums should resolve this.

Edit: I just did a quick search and found this:-

It's very annoying to need to have Arduino SAMD Boards 1.6.3 installed because you always get the updatable boards notification but you can't upgrade. They removed support for MKR1000 from Arduino SAMD Boards 1.6.4 because "The pin mapping is still subject to change, better to not distribute files that are not final."

It came from this thread:- MKR1000 in Arduino 1.6.7 software? There's more info in the thread.

Thanks for your answer. I didn't mention the IDE version, because I think that it is previous problem. Win 07 doesn't detect the module when I connect it. Anyway, I'm using the ID 1.6.8. I can see the the board (Tools -> Board ... MKR1000), but the port option doesn't detect anyone.

I'm going to read the document you reference in your message.