Hello all, Setup: Router with MAC to IP binding properly set for the devices mac to ip x.x.x.101, port forwarding set to said ip on port 81, for external connectivity. MKR1k Wifi Firmware 19.4.4, sketch here: PasteBin

Problem: I am forced to set the ip port statically because the device is either not querying the dhcp server in the router or is overriding it to be x.x.x.246 If I keep the sketch as is (with the static ip), everything works as expected internally, however externally it does not work. Not through ddns or my public ip. When I remove the static ip config line from the sketch and update the port forwarding to the ip that the device wants (x.x.x.246), it works externally.

Is there a way to do an dhcp renew on this device? I tried the reset button but no luck.

I asked a similar question on reddit before here: MKR1000 can't connect from outside of the network