MKR1000 Firmaware Update to 19.5.4

Hi all,

This is my first time ever using Arduino so I apologize in advance if this one is a no-brainer. I have a MKR1000 (WINC 1501 model B) which I'm trying to connect to my Wifi network and am having issues. When I run the CheckWifi101FirmwareVersion example it always returns with the following result:

WiFi101 firmware check.

WiFi101 shield: DETECTED
Firmware version installed: 19.5.2
Latest firmware version available : 19.5.4

Check result: NOT PASSED

  • The firmware version on the shield do not match the
    version required by the library, you may experience
    issues or failures.

The highest firmware version I can install within the Firmware Updater is 19.5.2 so I'm not able to update to 19.5.4 easily. Is there another way I can install firmware 19.5.4 that a beginner can understand? Also is this firmware incompatibility the reason I currently cannot run a sketch that connects to my Udibots account?

Please advise and thank you in advance!


I was able to update to wifi101 19.5.4 by downloading the Arduino hourly IDE build. Now that I am using 19.5.4 I was able to successfully upload the WiFi101 example sketch to connect to WEP.

However, now I am having the issue that my MKR1000 is not connecting to my SSID. Just keeps trying to connect every 10 seconds.

Any advice?

I think you may need to read this post first.

Nobody can see the sketch you are using (not even the wonkey crystal ball).
Anything right now would just be a guess.

No need to use hourly IDE, just update the wifi101 update tool to latest version as it includes 19.5.4.

Instructions here.

I'm trying to install the tool to include the updated firmware on a mac, any advice on how to do this?



Load the sketch from the wifi101 examples into the board called "FirmwareUpdater"

The board may (not always) now appear on a new com port that will be OK.

Select the WiFi101 Firmware Updater option and in there select the correct COM port and then TEST CONNECTION.

It should now work and you can update the firmware from there

It was mentioned that the latest firmware can only be uploaded with IDE 1.8.2 and that not all boards can accept the very latest depending on board revisions.

I use a WiFi Shield model B and an update to 19.5.2 was possible.
But I can not select the firmware 19.5.4 from the dropdown box in the WiFi Fireware/Certificates Updater.

In the a tools folder .... 19.5.4 is only one file: m2m_aio_3a0.bin available.
(WiFi101-FirmwareUpdater-Plugin/firmwares at master · arduino/WiFi101-FirmwareUpdater-Plugin · GitHub)

Is an Update to 19.5.4 possible or available?


This is the " MKR" section NOT the wifi shield !

Yours is a completely different issue.
Please read the forum, descriptions a little more before trying to hijack a thread that means nothing to you.

Yes, I use a MKR1000 with an onboard WiFi shield (as described above).
The MKR1000 can be equipped with an model A or B. The Firmware is different.

Ballscrewbob your hijack my questions.
Where can a find the FW 19.5.4? Is an Update to 19.5.4 possible or available?

Maybe be more specific as "WiFi" shields come in a large variety and you did not mention it was an MKR version.

However if I remember correctly the firmware update was not applicable to the shield version.
You would have to check that by doing a search in this section to be sure.