MKR1000 FW 19.4.4 WiFi library compatibility

I'm getting crazy with the MKR1000 FW and Library compatibility

I have IDE 1.6.13 , wifi101 library version 0.14.0 (loaded either by library manger and manually form github)

I run the sketch CheckWifi101FirmwareVersion and I got followng result

WiFi101 shield: DETECTED Firmware version installed: 19.4.4 Latest firmware version available : 19.5.2

Check result: NOT PASSED - The firmware version on the shield do not match the version required by the library, you may experience issues or failures.

I try to ugrade the MKR1000 firmware ( I have the version B of the Atmel Module) but the only FW version I can downlod from the updater is the WINC1501 Model B (19.4.4)

I run anyway, the process ends ok but off course same SW level !

So I'm stucked SW upgrade to 19.5.2 and non library compatibility

If I try to run some basic sketch from the example I got error that module is not avaialble

any idea how to fix ? Davide

Did you install the “FirmwareUpdater” sketch before trying to upgrade ?

That should put it into DFU mode or similar.
Then do the firmware upgrade if it will let you.

Did a BETA pre production version of an MKR1000 yesterday and that went fine.
Its now on test for reliability and is performing well on thingspeak with over 24 hours so far

Ballscrewbob: Did you install the "FirmwareUpdater" sketch before trying to upgrade ?

Yes absolutely, loaded the sketch and than opened wifi updater from the IDE 1.6.13 the point is that from the fw udptate menu I can't select new SW version, only option is 19.4.4

I run anyway the process and works fine, FW uploaded and get final OK...but off course FW is still 19.4.4 !


Hey @arzaman,

You'll need to use IDE 1.8.2 or later to flash the 19.5.2 version of the firmware. Older IDE versions only have the 19.4.4 version of the firmware.