MKR1000 General Questions


I am interested in using the MKR1000 in my project and I have a few general questions.

  1. Can two MKR1000s communicate to each other over Wi-Fi?
  2. Can the two connected MKR1000s send and receive data simultaneously?
  3. One of the MKR1000s would not be connected to a laptop in the project. So, can a MKR1000 function on its own after being coded and disconnected from the laptop?
  4. What is the transmitting/receiving data rate of the MKR1000?

I know these are very general questions, but any help would be appreciated. I have been trying to find things on the internet, but I have not had any luck finding information regarding my specific application.

Yes they can talk to each other over wifi

Depending on speed it may look simultaneous but in fact they talk to each other..One asks for info the other sends it and vice versa.

Yes they can function on thier own as with all Arduinos.

Support B, G, N, wireless so range will be a factor in speed but up to ...well see here