MKR1000 Johnny-Five on c9 IDE


I'm not sure if this is the right area for posting this. But I'm trying to roughly follow this tutorial. I have already developed my own web app using node and express. I'm trying to incorporate this plant monitoring on it's own page using johnny-five. But I cannot even get an led to even start blinking. I have followed all the simple getting started tutorials I could find, but I think the fact that I'm using c9 IDE has some part in causing the issues.

Here is a the portion of my code dealing with this:

var EtherPortClient = require("etherport-client").EtherPortClient;
var five = require('johnny-five');
let firmata = require('firmata')

var board = new five.Board({
  port: new EtherPortClient({
    host: process.env.IP, //Your IP goes here
    port: process.env.PORT
  timeout: 1e5,
  repl: false

board.on("ready", function() {
  var led = new five.Led(6);

The code above is from: Getting started with the Arduino MKR1000 and Johnny-Five ―
If anyone has some insight on getting started, I'd really appreciate it!

So I take it that the basic example in getting started is your issue and not the plant monitoring.

The actual ARDUINO sketches need to be uploaded with a suitable IDE than knows what target it is compiling for !

To try keep things simple use either arduino CREATE the online editor or the regular desktop version.
When you select the board it will then know what it is compiling for.

Some of the code mentioned does need a different compiler but NOT the Arduino sketches !
That may be confusing you.

Can you compile and upload the simple BLINK example from the Arduino IDE