MKR1000 not being recognized by Windows

Hi All,

I am having trouble with my MKR1000. It was working seamlessly all day today and yesterday, but for some reason now I keep getting an error when I try to plug it in. I am getting "Unknown USB device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" Code 32. !

I have tried every solution I could find: putting it into bootloader mode by pressing reset twice, unplugging all wires to it, resetting my computer, uninstalling arduino and reinstalling it to get the drivers reset, etc.

The problem may have also stemmed from using MATLAB, as I have been uploading servers to it today. MATLAB does not currently see my arduino and cannot write to the port, as can't the arduino IDE.

Here is an error I occasionally get when trying to connect my arduino as well.

After you do that, does the LED on the MKR1000 that is marked "L" start pulsing?

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