MKR1000 on a personal hotspot from my iphone

Hi all,

I brand new to the forum and Arduino as a matter of fact!

I am currently trying to learn to code and making a certain experiment work. I've managed to replicate Ryan Gills' soil monitoring system:

It works all fine on the wifi coming from a router at home. I am now looking to make it work by using the personal hotspot from my iPhone. It sounds like it is possible, in principle. I can't find a record of anybody actually talking about doing this kind of experiment.

Any chance someone can help me out with this? I'm using the standard Firmata on my MKR reconfigured to respond to my Wifi. I've tried changing the name of the SSID to my phone name and changing the password while flicking through the 3 different modes of wifi security (WPA WEP & no security) without any luck for the moment.

Please, could someone help me make this experiment work?

All the best,

Can you connect to the iPhone WiFi hotspot with your PC ?
Does your PC even detect the iPhone hotspot ?

The laptop does connect to the hotspot. I've been trying to test it like that. I've added my laptop to the personal hotspot and then started playing around with the setting in Arduino IDE.
Then uploading my trials to the board and then clicking serial monitor to check if the connection would detect the board. It always comes back with error 6.

I get this message from the Serial Monitore In Arduino IDE:
StandardFirmataWiFi will attempt a WiFi connection using the WiFi 101 library.
IP will be requested from DHCP ...
Attempting to connect to WEP SSID: Thom's iPhone
WiFi setup done
....................WiFi connection failed. Status value: 4

Value changes from 4 to 6 depending on my trials of wpa, wep or no security.