MKR1000 Problems.

Hi Everyone,

I was one of the lucky winners of a MKR1000.

I plugged it in the other day and uploaded a simple web server sketch. It worked great. I left it plugged into my PC via USB (for a power supply) and I was checking the status of the web server to see if it was still online.

After around 30 minutes I couldn't connect to the web server and went to investigate. I found that the pc (& laptop) no longer see the Genuino and it no longer runs it's sketch (only proof is I can't connect to it and it's not connecting to my router). Also, the charge light flickers which I don't remember happening when I first plugged it in and uploaded the sketch. I have not plugged a lipo or any other batteries into it, it has only been powered up via usb from my pc.

Any thoughts? I haven't connected any I/O devices and it went from literally working one minute, to seemingly dead the next while sitting there running a sketch. It also only has maybe 1 hour of time being powered up.

For the few moments I got to use it, I have to say, this board really seems amazing.

What fault finding have you done?

Reset? Powered off and on? Loaded another program? Checked the serial port on the PC can talk to the device?



When looking through the forum, do you see a section named MKR1000? I know they have a dedicated section for this board that is off limits to members who don't have it. Hopefully a mod will see and give you access.