MKR1000 robot project : can't connect to http://WiFiRobot.local/


I am trying to implement this Robot project with the MKR1000 : HERE

The code compile successfully and upload successfully. I did update the FW to 19.4.4 and followed the instructions HERE

I believe I managed to connect to my router, see below the output of the serial monitor from the Arduino window:

IP Address:
signal strength (RSSI):-67 dBm
Server listening at http://WiFiRobot.local/

But when I enter "http://WiFiRobot.local/" in the urL of a safari browser it remains stuck and a chrome browser would return a DNS error.

Do you have any idea where the issue could be or what should I focus on ?

I confirm I am connected to the router as when open its interface I can see the MAC address of the MKR1000.
Chrome still give DNS error message

Can you access it via its IP rather than the local host name ?

It works ! Would you be able to explain what was happening ?

Possibly a router / ISP issue / OS IP resolving issue.

Plenty of reasons for it not to work via an unqualified domain.
If you have IPV6 enabled try turning it off for a few tests.

I was reading about MDNS issue on Apple environment and was wondering if that could be the issue. Anyway thanks for your help it works now.