MKR1000 Schematic (Error) Showing Yellow LED, DL4 on Pin 7 ?

I tried "digitalWrite(7, HIGH)" but I don't see any LED come ON.
I want to use Pin 7 as a digital input for a DHT22 and don't want the 100K pulldown also shown on the schematic.
The schematic shows a Yellow LED labelled DL4.
Is this an error on the schematic?

On the MKR1000 I have here DL4 isn't physically there just the solder pads. DL3 is present

It's not showing on this layout either

MKR1000 Pinout

Thanks MarkDerbyshire for your answer. DL4 and support components are not mounted on the board.

The schematic should indicate these as optional components as they are not included on all boards.