MKR1000 softwareserial.h

Hi everyone !
I write a code for my Uno to connect an HC06 module to my phone, and change some variable with it. Everything works fine, but that was just for testing purpose. My goal was to implement it on my drone, which is based on an arduino mkr1000. The problem ? I can’t include the “SoftwareSerial.h” library with the mkr1000 selected in tools\boards… Please don’t say that the HC06 isn’t compatible with the mkr 1000 :confused:

OK, I've seen that there is no official software serial for mkr1000 :frowning: But someone has make one ! But TX doesn't work for the moment... And of course I need TX :confused:

I think I'm gonna use the "standard" serial

You do not have to use software serial at all, apparently the MKR1000 has three extra hardware serial modules available that can be programmed to use particular pins: