MKR1000 to MKR1000 Serial?

Hear me out, tell me where I am wrong --

In the motif of a serial connection between MKR1000s - is it reasonable in a simplistic manner to have 1 generate a local page with a value and have the other get the local page and value --

Ideally one MKR1000 is a sensor, printing the value to client - and updating that page?
Ideally the second MKR1000 is applying the value to a display, we will say LED for shits and giggles.

After much searching I see no example of this tho it seems reasonable to me in my naivety.
Tell me I am wrong and/or redirect me to some thing as simple-plausible.

-- or is a direct I2C-like method possible w/o a home server, ie over your local network only?

Your words and time to respond is of great honor.

You say mentioned serial and YES you can have one board update another with a value to display.

As for how you do that you have a lot of options.
Even via Wi-Fi.

There is no straight forward "included" examples.
That said there are plenty of instances out there on the internet and if your coding is as bad as mine you will find something that closely matches what you want and make minor edits to suit your needs.

A simple "google" brought up this example which seems to fit closely to your needs.

There are many more so a bit of work needed on your part.

Using pubnub or thingspeak etc is the not serial droids I am looking for.
I have used Thingspeak before but I was referring to having a direct serial connection over the same domestic network, not using third party clouds to write and read.

So simply connect Rx to TX and TX to RX and a ground of course.
There are plenty of instances of that scenario.

But that does not provide a real "network" even less a domestic network.
Are you talking ETHERNET ? as that is not really serial.

What distances are we talking as that can play a large part in any communication.

Connecting the RXTX is most obviously not the dialog.
MKR1000 are WIFI
They log in to local WIFI
If you shd have 2 on the same network - the query is how one would go about having them communicate with out leaving said network. Which is why I pitched one creating a local page and the other reading said local page. I proposed the conversation here so as to see alternative thoughts on the methodology.

You were quite specific about SERIAL !
Hence the RXTX was in the dialog.
Forgive my misunderstanding that your serial is not real serial.

I DID mention WiFi but you must not have read that bit..

Yes an MKR1000 CAN talk to another MKR1000 via WiFi and pass information to update the second MKR1000.
That is NOT serial and uses a completely different protocol.

I think I have only had part of the full project and some misleading information so I would suggest you spend a little time to fully detail what it is exactly you want and don't skip the important bits.

Correct terminology might be useful or at least an indication that you are not sure about what to call something.

  1. I was not quite specific about serial - I said in the motif of serial which means the theme - not literal.

  2. You DID mention WIFI to which I then I disputed as not the goal methodology bcz your method uses third party services, not remaining local, in the motif of serial.

  3. I would suggest as an alternative to lecturing me about wording, is that you not reply so boldly to things you clearly did not read or understand your self.

The word "motif" does not apply in the instances it was used but having grown up with SERIAL communications and having various tickets in I.T. I do understand.

Good luck with your "serial" project I am out of this topic.