MKR1000 WIFI not recognized on computer

When we plug in the MKR1000 WIFI into our PC the "ON" LED lights up, and not the "L" or CHRG".

The computer doesn't recognize that the device is plugged in and it won't show up on Device Manager or on hidden devices.

We have in soldered to the MKR Connector Carrier, and we've tried multiple micro-USB cables. We have a Grove HCHO sensor connected to the A0 Port on the Connector Carrier.

We also have an Arduino UNO, but that shows up on Device Manager. We're kind of at a barrier with our project until we get this fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

Try this:
Press and release the reset button twice quickly.
Do you now see the "L" LED pulsing?
Does the MKR1000 now show up in Device Manager?

We have in soldered to the MKR Connector Carrier

Just to make sure I understand, are you saying you have soldered the MKR1000 to the MKR Connector Carrier? Normally, the MKR boards would just be pressed into the female header sockets on the MKR Connector Carrier.