MKR1000 won't complete device setup

I'm trying to add an MKR1000 to IoT Cloud with no success. I've tried on both Mac & PC. It always just stops on "Configuring Secure Element." (Screenshot attached)

I can upload sketches just fine from both the IDE and the web editor, but I am unable to get it to add to IoT Cloud. I'm not sure if there's another manual way of doing this or not. Any help on this is appreciated.


I have the same problem, I have also written a Topic about it, but also no answer.....

Exactly same problem here.

Hi @bingroum and @altair5683. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. The issue should be fixed now.

Please give it another try and let me know if you have any problems.

Hi Global Moderator,

I have the same problem. I attached a screenshot. At the bottom is the error message. Maybe it helps.

Thanks a lot


Exactly same problem here but with Nano 33 IoT.

i am having the same issue with the nano33 IOT. it get the the third step and for security settings and it just sits till it times out with exit 1 as it error.

I got it working

The problem is the firmware of the MKR WIFI 1010.Through the Arduino IDE you can update it to 1.3 but for the IoT Cloud it should be 1.4. In order to install the 1.4 firmware I downloaded a beta version of the Arduino ID :

After I installed the 1.4 firmware. i got it working.

Got the information from this forum posts:

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