Can anyone point me at the MKR1000 specific part of the forum ? Need to swat up on it.

There was supposed to be a section but not seeing it with search.

The section is private can only see it if you're one of the blessed people who got one of the preview versions. I don't know who you have to talk to if you didn't get access.

Really in keeping with the Open Software movement isn't it?

DrAzzy: Really in keeping with the Open Software movement isn't it?

Surprised they haven't closed sourced it yet. Would imagine it will soon with all the 32 bit processors coming out, especially with intel.

I did get an invite and followed the DESTRUCTIONS but either its not open yet or not showing for some reason.

I got the same problem. Also followed the instructions a few days back. Still no access "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you."

OK to get to the MKR section.

Dig out your invite email ( hope you didn't delete it ) If you did All I can suggest is you contact a moderator or admin on here via PM

Follow the instructions again and when you see the link for the forum section follow it but once you are in IMMEDIATELY BOOKMARK IT, ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES, WRITE IT DOWN or any other methods you want tot use to remember it.

No i wont post it here as I am pretty sure that would be frowned upon and I don't want to get my @ss spanked