I've recently purchased a MKR1000 board, ultra fast delivery btw, .. however the product page shows that no additional drivers are required, however I run Xubuntu Xeninal 16.04 and the device is not recognised at all.

I know I should be able to change this in /etc/udev/rules.d however I'm not sure what to put in.

I'm running IDE arduino 1.6.10, not that this matters because i don't see how this contributes to recognising the device at all.

Did you include the JSON url in Additional board manager under preferences ?


Don't forget to do library updates especially the WiFi101 and any other MKR related libs and board packages which may show up after the URL has done its thing.


There are drivers in the IDE installation folder BTW but not being a Linux user It will take somebody else to help you with those unless you know what you are doing ( Which you probably already are if you use Linux)

Before we can do all these things linux itself has to detect the device as a usb to serial or whatever device which it doesn’t.

I installed all the board an libs i could find in the ide but as long as the serial device doesn’t show in the ide as a serial device i can’t do anything, so this is a driver issue.

It should identify it as a usb to serial from what i read the driver ftdi it’s not even showing up in lsusb

Documentation guide clearly says:

No driver installation is necessary for Linux.


Nvm, found the problem, it was apparently bad micro usb cable, it did connect the power, however for some reason the data was not coming through. hence the device not showing up.