MKR1010 connected to Arduino IoT cloud not updating values in dashboard

Hello everyone,

I am using an arduino board MKR1010, and I have been doing some tutorials to make it work within the Arduino IoT cloud.
I was able to create in the dashboards a switch to turn on and off a LED in the board, and it works fine. However, when I want to read values from the arduino board, or an internal value such as a time stamp, the dashboard doesn't update the values.
It seems like it is working only for outgoing signals, but not for incoming signals. Moreover, at the top left of the properties that I want to read, there is a clock icon with a flag saying: No data received yet

I appreciate any guidance or insights.

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Please read the "How to post". It is at the beginning of each sub forum. You need to help people to help you.

  • post your code (use code tags)
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Good posts with specific questions tend to get more attention and answers.

Also be specific. What is a outgoing signal? Most signals are outgoing at one point and incoming at another.
When you write top left, it would be useful to know where that is. Take a screenshot and show people. The "How to" will tell you how to insert a picture in your post.