MKR1010 not recognized on COM port

Hello Arduino guys!

I have a problem with my new mkr1010 board. After uploading libraries to IDE and pluging the usb cable - my WIN 10 PRO doesn't recognize it on any COM port. The COM3 seems to be active in device manager but as a native one. After double reset - the board is showing up at COM 11 and it can be used on IDE. BUT after downloading project to the board it looses the connection again (I was testing on blink example). How can I fix it?

I think've solved it. I had conflict with the other COM3 that was taken in WIN 10 on DELL for SOL Intel Active Management. After change on different COM - mkr board works fine - it seems tahat each bootload sets mkr 1010 on COM3 so it should be free in the system othervise you have to double reset each run (it may also caouse the problem using seial read functions).

Thanks for taking the time to post an update with your solution Leszek! I'm sure people with the same problem who find this thread while searching for a solution will be very grateful.