MKR1400 25mA in Deep Sleep mode

Dear All,

I also tryed to use "gsmAccess.shutdown() and "gsmAccess.secureShutdown()" before deep sleep command, but power consuption remain very high (20/25 mA).

any suggestions for significantly lowering battery drain? (i have removed onboard "ON" led)

thaks a lot

Hi, try connecting first with the gsmAccess.begin(). This function internally sends the AT+UPSV=3 command to the GSM module, which will put the module in low power mode as stated in SARA's documentation. Apparently the low power mode is disabled by default. Later in the code you can call gsmAccess.shutdown(). In my experience the difference between calling gsmAccess.begin() or directly calling gsmAccess.shutdown() saved 4mA aprox.
I have several units of MKR 1400 and what I experienced is that some of them consume more current than others. Some of them I managed to put them down to 1.4mA after gsmAccess.shutdown() and deepSleep() commands and by unsoldering the power LED (it was consuming around aprox 2.5mA).
While in other units I'm not able to go below 15mA consumption. Same configuration for the measurement, same battery in both cases, same cables. I'm quite puzzled.

Hello both,

Can someone post the code for periodic .shutdown and .begin in the void function?
I have put gsmAccess.Shutdown() and afterwards LowPower.deepSleep() but I cannot wake up (with .begin()) the module again to send data.


I experienced no problem waking up the module after using shutdown()

thank you all, but nothing has changed...
Maybe we should buy MKR NB1500 to solved battery drain problem...

:confused: :confused:

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