MKR1500 won't turn on with Lipo (tried two) on batteryport, though seems unstable powered through USB only

Hi there,

Could use some advice here, bought a MKR1500 board to experiment with MKR1500.
What I'm experiencing is that the board seems instable when powered only through USB (such as a sketch not being uploaded, but working perfectly fine everytime when batterypack also connected).

But when the USB cable is removed, I can't get it to power on, although pressing reset quickly in succession does make an orange led flash slowly.
I'm kind of lost here.

What is happening ? I'm now worried that this board is so power hungry it won't ever be suitable for demoing / development. (Kind of knocks the fun out of a demo if it needs two powersupplies connected in order to even boot..)

No doubt I'm missing something obvious here.

post some project images supporting the various issues made, please.


Posted three photo's;

  • Lipo connected to Seeeduino LoraWan w/GPS. works fine
  • Lipo connected to MKR1500 - nothing happens
  • Other Lipo connected to MKR1500 - nothing still

So what to make of this ? am I missing something obvious ?


Edit: for some reason I can only include one 'media item' per post on this forum as a new user. sorry for spamming you, but i will add the other photo's in separate posts for that reason.

Photo 2


2 Different batteries plugged into unit A works, same batteries into unit B and unit B does not work but is supposed to work. unit B defective.

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