MKR2UNO Adapter

I need to confirm that the MKR2UNO Adapter would not be compatible with the Arduino MKR 485 Shield. Is this true? I was thinking of using the adapter to connect an MKR 485 Shield to a Arduino Uno Rev3.

Hi @cliffcoulter.

The MKR2UNO adapter is really not suitable for your intended application.

This product is intended to allow you to connect an Arduino MKR Board to Arduino shields that were made for the Arduino Uno board's form factor.

This graphic demonstrates its usage:

You would have to replace the headers on the MKR2UNO just to connect it to the MKR2UNO adapter. If you are going to do all that work, you would be better to instead use a "proto shield" (like this) to connect the MKR Shield to the Uno.

Okay, how about this approach. I need to control 4 - 24Vac devices, 8 - 110Vac devices, a 24 Vac stepper motor, monitor 1 temp sensor and a couple of digital inputs via a 485 MKR Shield and I assume a MKR Zero. I realize this may take more than one relay driver arrangement PCB connected to the MKR Zero. I was looking at a Arduino MKR Motor Carrier to create an interface to the AC relays. Is this a reasonable approach? Might there be better options for the relay and driver boards needed that can connect to the MKR Zero?

I have no problem designing the actual driver PCB but would like a good interface option to that PCB.

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