MKRFOX1200 max deepSleep period


What's the max deepSleep period allowed on a MKRFOX1200? The function is defined as:

void deepSleep(void);
void deepSleep(uint32_t millis);
void deepSleep(int millis) {

So I should be able to use the UINT32_MAX which is 4294967295UL, but if I try for example, to sleep for 24H:

#define WAKE_UP_INTERVAL_24H 86400000UL //24H

The board wakes up immediately after reset. Am I doing something wrong?


Forgot to mention that:

#define WAKE_UP_INTERVAL_6H 21600000UL  //6H

Works. And that I've also tried casting the value to uint32_t when calling deepSleep but no difference.

Hi Iverona,

Did you ever find out how to make the MKRFOX go to sleep for 24hrs? I have the same problem. Works up until certain amount of milliseconds but then either doesn't go to sleep (1440mins) or doesn't wake up (720mins). When I use 8mins everything works good. I am using LowPower.DeepSleep(8*60*1000) (1440*60*1000) and (720*60*1000)