MKRFOX1200 SigFoxFirstConfiguration

I set up my MKRFOX with the standard Arduino SigFoxFirstConfiguration script and followed the instructions to activate it.

I upload the script and the results to the serial terminal say that it cannot get a response back from server.

However, when I log on to the SigFox backend server I can see the "Hello World!" in Hex that I sent.

Any ideas why this should happen with the standard setup script.

Do I have to tick something on the SigFox backend to get it to send data back?

in the Sigfox backend Device XXXXX -Messages page if you click on uplink and downlink status what does it say?
what is the DEVICE TYPE Downlink Mode DIRECT or CALLBACK?
what is displayed on the serial monitor?

Thanks for the reply.

In Sigfox backend DEVICE XXXX - Messages page
On this page if I look at the callbacks column I see two arrows per message. The right hand side arrow is red. If I click this it says Status:[INVALID_CONFIGURATION] Data(Hexa): N/A

In Sigfox backend DEVICE TYPE XXXX - infomation page

I see that it says the following:

Downlink data: From callback (No callback available)

I can see that there is a way to edit this (top right)

If I click edit, I can see that the unit is set to CALLBACK, (There is another option for DIRECT)

Serial terminal reports the following

Everything as in the example e.g.,
(ignoring first bit) ... then

Sending Hello World!
Getting the response will take up to 50 seconds
The LED will blink while the operation is ongoing
No transmission
Could not get any response back from the server
Check you the SigFox coverage in your area
If you are indoor, check the 20db coverage or move near a window

Just tried it again. The message gets through to the Sigfox backend fine, but nothing comes back as shown by serial output.

If I click edit, I can see that the unit is set to CALLBACK, (There is another option for DIRECT)
try setting DIRECT

Many thanks. That fixed it.

I must have missed this somewhere in the Arduino notes

You can set up a CALLBACK using a site such as putsreq which allows the setting up of a response such as

response.status = 200; // default value
response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json';
response.body = {"XXXXXX":{"downlinkData":"70117f61a5ceec67"}}

where XXXXXX is the device ID