MKRGSM 1400 ping failed

I've seen a few posts with the same problem I'm having. The MKRGSM 1400 board will not connect to the cloud.
Isn't there anyone out there that can help with this problem?
Where is the Arduino support?

Try and run the GsmWebServer sketch attached here to see if your Arduino SIM connects to the GPRS network. Post the result here.

arduino_secrets.h (258 Bytes)
GsmWebServer.ino (3.0 KB)

After many emails with Arduino support and no solution that would work I decided to give up on the Arduino Sim. I did get it to function for a short time by changing my code to read #include "MKRGSM.h" instead of #include <MKRGSM.h>. Why the quotes instead of brackets? Who knows why it stopped working again? I purchased a Hologram SIM which seems to be working reliably. Arduino needs to step up their game here! Why are you selling products that don't work? It's very frustrating for beginner programmers not to be able to find solutions to their problems.

@wmaz tyring connecting to the cloud with the APN credentials below
APN: pelion.prepay
Username: arduino
Password: arduino
Authentication type: PAP or CHAP

If your SIM card fails to connect, send to me via PM, your ICCID number.

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