MKRGSM Getting started problem (me also)

So, I bought myself a MKRGSM 1400. Prepaid Sim from KPN Netherlands. Checked the SIM card on my iPhone. I can send and receive SMS with this SIM card.
Now, uploaded the ReceiveSMS example from Github. My standard pincode is simple "0000".
Excited watching the terminal.
It keeps on responding with : SMS Message Receiver (which is the first println in the code); Occasionally I see in the terminal the message : Not Connected.
Is this caused by the famous power issue (USB port from my laptop is not able to provide enough current)?
Before I continue this power problem, is it possible to get some more insight in the connection problems? is there some kind of verbose printing option ?
Interested how other have managed to get this device started.

In follow-up. I stumbled upon a battery-pack, connected it to GND and V-In and there it is : my forst SMS message received. So indeed, I started with a power problem.