MKRGSM_1400 no connection to GCP

Dear all,

I recently bought the MKRGSM 1400 in the kit with Arduino antenna and Arduino sim card. I’m doing the tutorial on the project hub for the “Securely Connecting a MKR GSM 1400 to Google Cloud IoT Core” . I registered and configured an IoT core project on the GCP platform as it was well explained on the tutorial. But when I go to upload the sketch and open the serial monitor I get the right connection to the network however it cannot connect to the MQTT broker and therefore to the project on GCP. remains as attempting.
I can’t recognize what the problem is, if it is a hardware issue (the MKR card uses a 3.7v 1200mAh Lp battery) or if there is something wrong with the GCP. I am desperate because I can’t get over it. Someone had the same problems or could help me. Thanks.

Did you removed the anti static foam?
Are your credentials correct?
Did you set GSM gsm(true) for debugging?


Thanks for your suggestion,

Foam has been removed since the beginning, I have verified the credentials several times and they are correct, regarding gsm debugging, I don’t know exactly where to intervene on the attached sketch.

adaptedMKRGSM_GCP.ino (4.88 KB)