MKRMotorCarrier Library Not Avaialble

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I'm using a MATLAB R2019a and I'm trying to setup my MKR boards, objects and libraries. I have downloaded all the packages required via MATLAB programme and the 'add-on' button to use the MKRMotorCarrier library, i've even downloaded the MKRMotorCarrier folder and placed it in documents/Arduino/Libraries, I've followed all the steps required but the library still isn't showing up on my listArduinoLibraries function. The MKRMotorCarrier isn't an option I can tick (the image is attached below). I have also reinstalled the MATLAB multiple times to fix the problem, but no change.

Please help me.


Please recheck if the ArduinoMotorCarrier folder is present in the IDE path i.e. C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2020a\3P.instrset\arduinoide.instrset\portable\sketchbook\libraries.

I am having the came issue with no solution at the moment.

Also Sravya, I do not have a folder called ProgramData in my C drive. If I go into Program Files -> MATLAB there is no SupportPackages folder.

Edit: So ProgramData is a hidden folder. I followed the filepath you mentioned but arduinoide.instrset did not have a folder called 'portable'. I tried simply creating the remaining files you said and then pasting the MKRMotorCarrier folder inside the last one called 'libraries' but this also did not work. I am using MATLAB version R2019a if that helps.


Retry uninstalling and reinstalling the 'Add-ons' Matlab Support Package for Arduino Hardware and Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware. Also, please type the 'ver' command in command window and provide us the output.

I just wanted to clarify that the the ArduinoMotorCarrier is the same as the MKRMotorCarrier, right? I do not have the former in the path that was described. I was using MATLAB 2020a and was having problems so I downloaded MATLAB 2019b to see if I can go around the issues I was having.

I also have this problem. Please help me.
I'm using MATLAB R2021a.

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