MKRNB1500 + Arduino IoT Cloud Connection Issues

Board I am using: MKR NB 1500

Sensors: multiple IC sensors for physical environment readings

Power source: LiPo battery pack via on-board JST port

Other libraries: Arduino LowPower for SAMD

My problem is that I cannot get the board to maintain a connection consistently with the Arduino IoT cloud. I’m attempting to use the LowPower library to save power, but putting the board into sleep mode tends to disrupt the connection. I disabled sleep mode and the connection was maintained for a few hours last night, however it also seems to have been disrupted. I’ve also disabled the watchdog at this point because the code in my loop runs sometimes longer than the ~16 second timer, and a reset is undesirable.

I am looking to deploy the modules ‘in the field’ over extended periods. Is there a way I can ensure that my board stays connected, and to re-establish a connection to the Arduino IoT Cloud in the case that it disconnects? (I am exploring subscribing to the DISCONNECT event which triggers a callback that runs the ArduinoCloud.begin() method, thoughts on this?)

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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Nice idea, much appreciated! I hope we, the community, can make these products stable together... I have not yet been so lucky.

Hi Brennan,

Did you find a solution for this?
I am also having the same issue.

I have currently been resetting the board to reconnect to the cloud.


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