Mkrr gsm 1400 send data to an ip address and port

Hello all,
i have a project where i use an mkr gsm 1400 that collect data from some sensors and i have to send it to an ip address, at that ip address i have a laptop with an application that can listen to a specified port and receive the data from mkr gsm board.
The problem is i didn't find any code to send from arduino mkr gsm 1400 to an IP adress.
Does anyone have any ideas please?

2 ideas:

Or post/get a http request as mentioned in the examples.

Or you specify this a bit more out

I use an application named labview, it can allow me to listen a port and display sensor data.

I don't know about this, i cant use a broker like,
You think i can use this to send directly to an IP address?

With a HTTP GET request or you open a TCP socket and push the data into this socket, depends on the server side. A HTTP GET with the sensor data is probably the easy way.

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