MKRWAM 1310 range with supplied antenna

Seasons greetings to everyone!!!
I purchased 2 MKRWAN1310 devices from Arduino directly, and they came with the supplied Antenna.
I have managed to get the device up and running and interfacing to a device using I2C and downloading data.
I live in UK, about 3Km from a Gateway and was not able to connect to it using the standard supplied antenna.
I decided to get into my car, and once I was pithing ~100-200m of the Gateway (as shown on TTN Map) I was able to connect, and successfully send and verify received messages on the TTN network.
This was to establish that this system was able to work, and that we had correctly configured the Node to the Gateway. We followed verbatim the instructions on the Arduino web page on how to do this.

My question is this: How realistic is the real range that can be achieved with the supplied antenna?
As We drove away from the Gateway, it was clear that we only got 200-30m range.

Can anyone comment about a suitable good antenna that can be externally connected to a remote outdoor node to send data over a few Km? I am of course excluding 50cm long 2cm diameter fibreglass poles I have seen advertised.

I would appreciate any recommendations/sugestions on a good antenna, and where to obtain it.