MKRWAN 1310 dont run on batteries

I have been trying to get my new MKR1310 to run on batteries, I have 3.6VDC 'D' cell and a resistor divider so I feed 3.3 VDC to the board. The battery is a lithium cell and is NOT suitable for charging.

When I run on USB the 1310 unit works just fine, If i put the 3.3 to VIN pin the LED is on green but the code does not seem to execute.

The product description says the 1310 support Batteries of type rechargeable Li-Ion, or Li-Po but I dont have that.. does it matter what kind of batteries I use when I dont plan to use rechargables ?

Please tell me how to use my 'd' lithium 3.6VDC

All the best

Hi @Hjojohan,

Please share the sketch you are loading. If a while(!Serial) is present the sketch waits for the PC to open the Serial Monitor.