MKRWAN1310 - TTN not working

Dear all,
I recently bought an Arduino MKR WAN 1310 to understand and test LoRa technology.
I registered the device both on the Arduino platform and on TTN to try to have a communication between the TTN Gateways and my module, I followed the tutorial on the Arduino platform and I managed in part to have some results, I explain to you: I used the sketch for the first configuration from the examples of the MKRWAN library and I managed to interface only with the setting of the method in ABP because with the OTAA method not working the connection is not established, unfortunately also the next step that relating to the send & receive code always contained in the examples it does not work with ABP or with OTAA, on the serial monitor I receive the message to approach the window which I assume is not true because with the code of the first configuration I can connect and send in downlink (only in ABP). there are two TTN gateways nearby one at 1 and one at 5 kilometers and I tried to get closer to the window, but nothing, there seems to be some problem in the code that I use that uses the OTAA mode. I also tried with the TTN libraries, but nothing. Have you encountered these problems with this device or with the MKR1300 and could you help me to solve it?

I've had no problems on my side with the OTAA and default sketch, but I must admit that I built my own Gateway since there are none around my place, and also to not have to rely on hardware that could be shut down at any time. Maybe there's also a problem with internet connectivity on the Gateway you are using?
May I suggest to try again and go a lot closer to the gateways, maybe use a laptop and try from the next street ? It would at least give you a starting point to where the issue might be.