MKRZero USB not recognised in win 7 after Bootloader

Can't get windows to recognize SAMD21 after install of MKRZero boot loader with SAM-ICE. Boot loader appears to work fine and windows sees the device but doesn't know what it is to install the driver.
I have also tried the Zero boot loader hoping that would make a difference bit it doesn't work either. Thanks for any help

UPDATE.. it appear to me that the MKRzero bootloader included with 1.8.5 is not correct. I used the SAM-ICE and Amtel Studio to pull a blank sketch from a MKRzero board and used that to replace the boot loader. This solved my problems and the board is now functioning as expected.

Also in the process of attempting to install a bootloader on a blank micro I fond that the Path for openocd in platform.txt was incorrect and need to be changed to "openocd-0.9.0-arduino6-static.path"
instead of "openocd-0.9.0.path".

I hope this help others that may be having problems uploading a bootloader to Samd21's