MKS Base 1.5 maxtemp errors

i was stupid enough to buy a Max Micron “super assistant” 3d printer and have had nothing but problems, could not hook up a heated bed, was shutting down with temperature issues and other stuff.

i bit the bullet and bought a MKS Base 1.5 board and had a friend help me code it all.
i was getting “maxtemp” errors and changed a line in the coding … and now my hotbed temp wont show up and i still get maxtemp errors, i checked the display and while its set to 225 (PLA) it goes to 240 and after a few minutes in the middle of a print… stops the print.

i’m no programmer, i have no clue what to do, and my friend is also puzzled and lost.

anyone a clue on what to do ?

Thanks in advance.

Conditionals.h (1.04 KB)