MLX90609 vs IDG500 Gyro?

2 Axis Gyro IDG500 Dual 500 degree/sec 3 Axis Gyro MLX90609 - 300 degree/sec

Which gyro ? which must I buy for rchelicopter and quadcopter?

Best choice?


MLX90609 definitely because you will have higher resolution.

Ok.. educate me! Looking at the datasheet for the MLX90609 units, it appears to be a yaw axis (Z) rate sensor with X and Y accelerometers, rather than pitch/roll sensors. What am I missing? Be easy on me.. the '60's were kinda hard on me... ;)

If someone wanted to make a full-blown gyroscopic unit for a helo, wouldn't it be best to have, as a minimum, a dual axis unit covering the X and Y axises (pitch and roll), and, going for the big bucks, adding the third axis (Z) for yaw rates? Rotary a/c aerodynamics would tend to suggest that it would be easier to control the Z axis if the X and Y axises were monitored already, as only one (theoretically) input would be required (as pitch and roll would be monitored by the gyro), even taking into account that the yaw rate of a rotary wing a/c is directly affected by the torgue applied to the rotor shaft (gyroscopic precession.. such a wonderful thing....)

Ok.. I'll shut up now. Just curious is all!!


I misspoke above about gyroscopic precession.. the yaw rate is impacted by the amount of torque applied to the main rotor shaft, hence the term "anti-torque rotor" often used to describe the tail rotor. What a dufus.. and to think I flew the darned things for years... oh well. Just wanted to clear that up!!

Thanks again!