MLX90614-DCI default EEPROM

Hello everyone,

I've recently started with Arduino and I'v got a MLX90614-DCI for a project to read human body temperature from a distance of 50cm aprox.

As well known, DCI model of MLX90614 is supposed to have the smallest angle of vision (5°), and according to my calculations, the FOV (Field of view) at the desierd distance (50cm) is 1inch, more or less.
With the factory calibration, when meassuring my forehead temperature 50cm far from the sensor, I got 34°, but when I got close to the sensor (5cm) I got 36°. So I decided to try to calibrate it by my self.

The thing is... in some point I modified the EEPROM and, accidently, the sensor went into PWM mode.
Some days after I got to put it back to SMBus mode, but now the meassurement of the sensor is absolutely wrong (24° at 5cm, 23° at 50cm). So I've must have changed some EEPROM addresses, I don't know which ones, and the biggest problem is that I didnt make a backup of factory EEPROM values.

Can someone who has a new MLX90614-DCI, or that is at least throwing nearly real temperatura values, make an EEPROM dump and share the current values of each address to see if I can make this sensor work properly again? I wanted to buy a another one, but it seems there is not even one left in Argentina.

Hello my friend, I have the sensor but without this lens attached, lens or barrel, I don't know exactly what it is.
And here in our market we don’t find it as an accessory, could you give me the measurements, description and photos from different angles for us to try to build a similar one?
If you want we can try to download the EEPROM from our sensor, would the firmware of our model MLX90614ESF work for you?