MM5451N LED Driver

Has anyone used this LED Driver before? It looks like a good way to output to 30+ LEDs from a couple of pins.

server is down. can you say a few details? pwm?

Yeah someone already made a shield with that a while back.

It’s just a shift register, really.


Is it possible to use the above example with an MM5450BN chip?

I wired it all together based on and ran the code listed on arduino website, not working!

Im trying it with just 1 LED right now and from what I read about 5450, it does not need a resistor for the LEDs (I tried it both ways though).

To check the LED itself I ran it with “Blink” example through pin13 and it works - so the voltage/ground part is right at least.

With the slight datasheet differences between the chips, can someone verify the following… ?

4794 5450
STR = Brightness control ?
CP = Clock In ?
EO = Data Enable ?

int data = 9;
int strob = 8;
int clock = 10;
int oe = 11;
int count = 0;
int dato = 0;

void setup()
  pinMode(data, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(clock, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(strob, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(oe, OUTPUT);

void PulseClock(void) {
    digitalWrite(clock, LOW);
    digitalWrite(clock, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(clock, LOW);

void loop()
   dato = 5;
   for (count = 0; count < 8; count++) {
    digitalWrite(data, dato & 01);
    Serial.write((dato & 01) + 48);
    if (count == 7){
    digitalWrite(oe, LOW);
    digitalWrite(strob, HIGH);

     digitalWrite(oe, HIGH);

  digitalWrite(strob, LOW);

 delay(100);                  // waits for a moment

Any advice for the newbie?