MMA7260Q (Or any) triple axis accelerometer graph

I was without internet for a few weeks after moving house, but received my stuff from Sparkfun. It doesn't seem like many people here have used the MMA7260Q accelerometer. I modified a processing sketch which originally graphed 1 axis at a time, and added a mode select feature!

Credits for the original creator, Arduino sketch and wiring instructions are all in the processing .pde

I would give some screenshots but need to find which box my Arduino is in :p

EDIT: Found it! :D

The dip in the Z graph is me maxing out the Z axis on 1.5g mode.

Yes, there are a few bugs in it, but I will try to fix those up soon. I may also add a start and stop option, and maybe an option to save the graphs to a pdf or something. -Dan :)