MMA7361 Accelerometer Library

I have created a library for the MMA7361 library.There already was a library for the chip,, but it was missing the ability to select a 1.5g range and the ability to choose between 3.3V and 5V.

Those selections can be made with my library and it can output the force on an axis in gs, raw A/D values, and A/D values centered on 0.

When preforming an analog read, the axis will be sampled a set number of times and averaged over that period. The number of points is user modifiable.

This library does not make use of the sleep, 0g, g-select, or select test pins.

The library is hosted on bitbucket and can be found at

Any suggestions for improving the library are appreciated.

you can post your library on the playground, it will be easier to find and modify