MMA7361 Triple Axis Accelerometer Sensor Module


I have bought such a card but can not figure out putting it to my Arduino card and I can not find any code so i could test it hope someone can help me

Did the company you bought it from provide any useful information? A schematic diagram would be nice.

I suspect that GND and 5V are the power inputs and 3V3 is regulated 3.3V from the onboard regulator.

X, Y and Z are probably voltages proportional to acceleration. You can hook them to Arduino analog inputs. Reading the MMA7361 datasheet should tell you what voltages to expect.

0G is probably an "I'M IN FREE_FALL!" output (typically used in laptops to retract hard-disk heads in a fall)

GSEL, ST and SLP are probably control signals. Reading the MMA7361 datasheet should tell you how they work.

it was what I got

So it's a 3.3V regulator (like I thought) and a bunch of bypass and load capacitors.

Now you just have to read the datasheet:

X, Y and Z outputs are at about 1.65 (3.3/2) volts in Zero G.

There are two ranges selected by GSelect: LOW=1.5g and HIGH=6g. In 1.5g range the signal varies 800 mV/g. In 6g range it's 206 mV/g.

ST is Self Test.

SL is Sleep Mode. Set it LOW and the accelerometer shuts off to save power. Probably best to connect that to 3.3V.