Moar creative Arduino projects

I don't agree with the article's title, but here it is.

10 completely useless homemade machines

Some of them use the Arduino.


I have an old manual typewriter sitting in my basement, maybe I'll try to make one someday. I also have an old mechanical calculator, no way I'm ever modifying it, it's so cool.

The featured version of a "useless machine" is really cool. Beats the others :)

Screw the projects, I'm a little bit amazed that you can have your own Lego kit made and shipped to you!

Yeah, Lego's had that for a while. I've never done it, though

I've only used Lego Digital Designer (Lego's CAD software) to remember a design that I wanted to keep, but not have to keep it assembled

The guy who wrote that article is pretty dumb. Half of those things actually are useful, and he completely misunderstood the purpose of the like lamp. He thought it lit up when you liked something. I wish people would just RTFA and M sometimes…