Mobile App for Arduino/Genuino 101

I would like to share a mobile App that I built to monitor analog pins and control digital pins through BLE on Arduino 101.

You need to install the sketch located at:

And install the App “BLE 101”


I hope you like it!

Sounds interesting, will check it out - thanks for sharing!

Are you planning to share the Android source code?

Thanks, this is a great app! Do you have the Android source code available for the app?

Also, if anyone else has used this, i was wondering if I could save the data collected from the analog inputs. I'm not too good with Android, and I was hoping someone could help me especially with all the ble stuff.

I've been using this BLE 101 app for a while now Elaval. I own an iPhone 7 that was earlier running iOS 10. Today that I updated to iOS 11.2.5 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a white blank screen on its startup and simply closes itself after few seconds. Is the app not compatible with iOS 11.2.5? Can you tell me how do I fix it?

Jamesh Reddy
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