Mobile objects tracking

Hello everyone, I start a project with Arduino, but I must admit that I do not have an advanced level with regard to GPS or WiFi modules. I have so far realized simple basic applications (flashing, temperature sensor, LCD display, ...) I wish to carry out the following project on the basis on Arduino: Track mobile objects, such as cars, people, ... Indeed, the idea is to equip each mobile object with a chip (transponder for example) that can send the data by GPS and then, using Visual studio (An app that I will have developed) for example, recover the positions of each object and put them on a MAP, this time not using QGis but a clean application developed in C # for example (I can communicate Arduino and C # without problem). My concern is therefore the following: what kind of transponder to use (Make and model please) but not too big? How to retrieve the positions of each object and put them on a MAP which will in fact be a JPG file whose interface C # will have the form, then to apply graph algorithms to determine the PCC between two paths for example.

Thank you for your contributions.

You need to be at a very advanced level to do that yourself.

Just buy a Spot Trace.

Thanks for your answer but I have One year and 3 months to do it. If you can help me with some examples of hardware details as kind of equipments for transmission and reception. We can succed coding little by little.

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Google “arduino sms gps tracker” for many examples of completed projects. Might take a couple of weeks to finish.

Or Google;

'The Things Network GPS tracker'

However the first thing to do for your year long project is to come up with a decent description of what it is you are planning to do, you may know, and you seem to assume we do as well, but we dont.

For instance tracking vehicles in a remote areas would require a different approach to tracking vehicles in a large city.