Mobile-optimized web server for ENC28J60

Maybe the world has enough Arduino Web Servers at this point, but I decided to make another one. I wanted something that works on ENC28J60, and that looks good on my iPhone, to control Arduino units. This uses a fork of Stephen Early's NanodeUIP, based on Adam Dunkels' uIP. Sadly, uIP is a bit complex for newbies, but I tried to make this webserver usable for beginners too with just a little bit of configuration.

Blog post: Control and Monitor Arduino Over the Web Using ENC28J60


No, the world hasn't too many Arduino (or compatible) web servers, nor COSM clients. Thanks for supporting the 28J60, it is so much cheaper than the Wiz that it is used by most projects except the Arduino itself. And it seems it has additional itneresting features as well (like internal memory to relieve the AVR from buffering). Too bad it's more complex to support.

Apparently from the follow up on your site there is a big issues with the uIP stack as it takes a lot of space in memory. Any idea if it would save a lot to use Jeelabs' EtherCard library instead ?