Mod Ina219 and temp sensor pt100


Is there any way to mod ina219 breakboard to read data from pt100 sensor?


Don't know . I don't see a breakout board on your post.

While anything is possible, its the ina219 is not easily converted to reading "essentially" ohms.

I would think an A/D converter of the delta sigma type would be much better.

Apples and oranges. Short answer, no.

The INA219 is an I2C current shunt (0.1 ohm) and the
RTD100 resistance is orders of magnitude higher. Just use the arduino analog inputs with voltage dividers
to measure the RTD100. Obviously , since you have not provided any details about the RTD100, there is
not much we can say about that.

I would also ask what your goal is.

The PT100 would suggest you are looking for a precise measurement, or is it just available?

What ever you choose, a PT100 sensor near room temp is about 0.39 ohms / °F

Thanks,i could not find other temp sensor that fit (see photo).

It’s better to keep the original one and find solution .