HELLO,I'm using Arduino Mega 2560 as master and Arduino uno as slave.first i have to create a enumeration for 7 datas.
enum data: uint32_t {
data1 = 10,
data2 =20,
so I have to declare this enum as a global variable and to sync this data to modbus Master.can anyone help me to get the output

You can find some help for your problem here:

As with your original post that you abandoned, you have not provided the detail necessary for an answer. Sync what data? Surely not the enum, that’s static, never changing data. But, perhaps you haven’t created a header file with the enum data and #included it in both master and slave source files?

I suspect that this is going to require an array, not an enum, but bare statements like "first i have to" look like a school assignment.

yep..i'm doing schooling.,